So why is there so much hype and buzz around Zarfund? The answer is simple. This new virus in town could make you rich beyond your wildest dream and its 100% scam free and transparent.

So what exactly is Zarfund? Zarfund is a team-work based, person – to – person funding platform. The company started mid-August but is gaining substantial unmatched grounds the Investment world has ever seen.

How does it work? Zarfund is all about team work. And the start-up capital is $18 which is payable in bitcoin. All new investors voluntarily pays their upline (the person who referred them) $18, then the  investor will invite two person who will pay him $18 each  making x2 of his investment in one day (at that point you move to level 2). Then your two referrals will have to refer two people each and the matrix keeps forming.

Zarfund is a 2x6 forced matrix that is impossible to do alone, hence TEAMWORK is encouraged. That’s what set Zarfund apart from all other investment. With teamwork you can use $18 to earn $78,044 which is the highest level.

Now in Zarfund you only need two referrals (It’s called the power of two). Two referrals is the Maximum, you can’t have more than it.

Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System
Level 1-: 2 x 0.03btc (paid by your two direct referrals) = 0.06btc (you upgrade to level 2 with 0.05btc) profit = 0.01btc or $6.97 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)
Level 2-: 4 x 0.05btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 0.2btc (you upgrade to level 3 with 0.1btc) profit = 0.1btc or $60.97(you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)
Level 3-: 8 x 0.1btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 0.8btc (you upgrade to level 4 with 0.2btc) profit = 0.6btc or $365.83 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)
Level 4-: 16 x 0.2btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 3.2btc (you upgrade to level 5 with 1btc) profit = 2.2btc or $1,341.38 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)
Level 5-: 32 x 1btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 32btc (you upgrade to level 5 with 2btc) profit = 30btc or $18,291.60 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)
Level 6-: 64 x 2btc (paid by your referrals referrals) profit = 128btc or $78,044.16 (There is no upgrading this is the final stage) you will receive this sum immediately and monthly when you get to this level.

Dear Zarfund Participant,
To successfully join the train of CEOs on Zarfund America please follow these step-by-step instructions:

- Have an active email.

- Create bitcoin wallet at

- Fund your bitcoin wallet with 0.03BTC equivalent to $20. You can visit to buy your bitcoin.

- Sign in to your Zarfund back office, click upgrade and follow the instruction loaded.

- In a jiffy, you are there.

Please note that you are only required to fund your wallet once, upgrades does not require you funding your account again.

NOTE: Sign up and Donate, relax and let us fix the dreadful referring automatically. If you are opportune to invite others, do so as this also fuels the upward movement.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck anywhere.

+1 818 867 8583 - U.S.A

+234 813 537 2007,+234 813 966 4909 - Nigeria

+27 31 514 6704 - South Africa.


Reply to this email.


Meet us live on:

Skype: @chally2k3ZArfundAmerica



Zarfund America Support Team.


As at today 1bitcoin (btc) is $702 and bitcoin is the leading crypto currency in the world.
So many shy away from online investment because of fear of scam, Zarfund counter all that fears and it’s perhaps the most legit investment in the internet sphere. Some of the reasons are:
*The founder is Hannes Jordaan. Most HYIP (Scam) don’t have Founders/C.E.O
*Zarfund gives you total control of your money, you are your own bank, and you receive and pay your money. All your funds are in your bitcoin account.
*You can withdraw all your money anytime, any day, anywhere. You don’t have to wait for 30 days neither are you given any condition for withdrawing your money. *Nobody at all have access to your money not even Zarfund.
*Zarfund don’t pay you, members pay you. Zarfund is just the platform.
This new buzz in town offers endless possibilities and you can make so much with your Team. Zarfund is a Teamwork platform and we are the leading team in America. We will be the first Group in the US to produce a plethora of level 6 investors. Teams are formed in Zarfund to assist investors with referrals so all you basically have to do is join a team and invest.
NB:  No one person can have more than two referrals, that’s the maximum.

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Everyone Contributes By Making A Donation and Everyone Earns From the Donations Of Others.
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